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  1. All the projects are done by seraphim only after the agreement will be signed.
  2. At least 50% upfront is required to start the work.
  3. Any programming errors or technical defects are recoverable with free of cost.     
  4. Should the client wish to cancel the project it must be acceptable.       
  5. The minimum cancellation charge fee will be 30% of the signed agreement.
  6. Once the Initial Payment is done Project will be started any delay at clients end it delays the project it not acceptable our side.       
  7. Our applications are tested with mentioned browser from technical document, apart   from any other browser client will install it cause defects.      
  8. The requirement of the project such us images, videos, audio files web content and documents are given to seraphim before starting of the project.    
  9. We should never charge extra amount from the client signed agreement.
  10. We will not responsible for any third-party persons are altering the software content. Any changes in software are done by only seraphim and charges based on the work.
  11. Project review will be scheduled on every week through online.  So, client will attend the review call mandatory.
  12. Payment will be pay partially into three stage, initial stage, mid stage, and final stage base on the project time.